November 2010

Just boxed up JGilbert Footwear’s Special Edition Hobo boots.  Turned out very, very nice.  We made the basic RBHB1 boot but used the new 100% veg tanned Reverse Calfskin from the Lo Stivale tannery in Tuscany.  Exclusive to J Gilbert and headed out to Seattle today:

now on Franco’s website.



Fantastic new color in two of my more popular boots.

Cheers –


heading to Leffot:

More to come…stay tuned.


Here is one for the Ladies……heading to NYC today.  Very nice:

Less subtle…..



Finally!  Took longer than anticipated, but looks like it was worth the wait.  My friends at Horween and I got together to come up with a custom color of Shell Cordovan for John Gilbert and his crew in Seattle.  We called it Walnut, and it turned out great.  On the train from Richmond tomorrow….should be there next week.

Also, we have made 2 runs of RBHB1 (Hobo Boot) in the Tuscan ‘Reverso’ Calf which have just left Italy, and we should have out to Seattle in a week or two.

Cheers –


More boots are arriving.  My friend Stephane at Blake & Goodyear ( has just recived a run of RBCB3 in #6 Shell Cordovan. 

In Japan, Strasburgo and Baybrook have received more roughout chukka’s, Hobo Boots, Scotch Grained chukka’s and Reverso Boots.

And, last but not least, for our Ladies customers…..who may happen to be in Sofia, Bulgaria, well, a few Black Calf Numbers await at Gio Metodiev:

Thanks All –


ps – USA new goods info coming next week.