February 2010

My semi-annual pilgrimage to MICAM kicks off tomorrow….we will be introducing Fall 2010 in Pav. 5 Stand K22/24 with Martegani and Cortina.  Looking forward to meeting those clients (and all) from EU and Japan who have expressed interest in our boots – travel safe and see you there!


Welcome to Spring!  Well, almost anyway.  Here is the first Spring Edition model coming on-line in around 6 weeks.  RBCB10 is our interpretation of a classic – a 2 eyelet chukka boot on a crepe sole.  We put our little spin on the production, however.  Instead of the typical thin crepe outsole, the Riderboot versions comes in at a solid 1/2″ sole – 1/4″ outsole + 1/8″ crepe secondary layer + 1/8″ full leather midsole.  Strong boot.  The real interesting detail here is that we do NOT attach the outsole directly to the welt/midsole…..we take the 1/8″ layer of crepe and stitch it on the Rapid Stitcher then glue the 1/4″ crepe outsole to the crepe midsole which makes for a much stronger bond.  This will eliminate the not-unusual seperating at the toe situation that many boots like this have occur.  As usual, built here with full calfskin linings and in virtually waterproof ‘Cape Butt’ suede (very tight nap) from Stead, the RBCB10 is on the 42 last and will be available in ‘Polo Brown’ and ‘Cola’.  Swatch colors should be available in the next day or two.

RBCB10 will retail for $550 and I am happy to take pre-orders….please send a mail to riderboot@comcast.net or give me a call at the shop (804-264-2994) for more info.

Details coming soon……


Inside Franco’s Fine Clothier, we are running our end-of-season clearance sales……everything is set up at the Lakeside Ave. location and merch is jammed into the rotunda and the first room (for those familiar with our store).  All the guys, incuding me :), are around, so come on in and check out the discounts!

As always, a fair amount of shoes are on the tables, and it looks like we will be adding some during the week.  Of note would be the Romano Martegani Radica calf shoes, as we received word yesterday that this leather has gotten too difficult to source and the factory will not make-up items in this leather going forward – unless someone wants to order 250 pair per colorway at a time.  Basically, discontinued.  So, for those waiting to get a Lucca2, a Paolo or a pair of Pisa – now is the time!


As always, feel free to let me know if I can help!


For those that also were following the Martegani blog, and the aborted attempt at a seperate blog for Saphir products, I am combining each ‘business’ into the main blog of my work, Riderboot.  Just can’t wear so many hats, and all product information can be run thru here for sure.  So, for those interested in updates on what we are up to with Romano Martegani, the retail shop in Franco’s Fine Clothier or Saphir products, I will try to keep things organized on seperate pages here.  I’m a busy boy…….