Online at:

Rider Boot Shop

Franco’s Fine Clothier in Richmond, VA.

Leffot in New York is carrying a selection of stock and exclusive Rider Boot patterns…..Steven Taffel is a great guy who can help with any stock or MTO options as well.  You can contact Steven thru his site here:

A  selection of Rider Boot styles will also be available at:

Pelle Line in Paramus, NJ

Capra & Cavelli in Austin, TX

Heimie’s Haberdashery in St. Paul, MN

J Gilbert Footwear in Seattle, WA

Strasburgo in Japan

Tomorrowland in Japan

Andy House in Japan

Blake & Goodyear in Paris, France

Zepher in Japan

Baybrook in Japan (late Fall ’10)

Highcliffe Clothier in beautiful Middleburg, VA

Saphir Medaille d’Or Stocklists:


Franco’s Fine Clothier

Vincent & Edgar Bespoke Shoes in NYC

A Suitable Wardrobe Online

The Hanger Project Online

Highcliffe Clothiers in Virginia

M. S. McClellan in Tennessee

LeatherSoul in Hawaii and LA

Andrisen Morton in Denver

On The Fly in San Francisco

A Shine & Co. in San Francisco, New York and Various Other Places….

Kent Wang Online

Maxton Men Online

The Red Barn in Rochester, NY

Pelle Line in Paramus, NJ

BNelson Shoe Repair in NYC

Epaulet in NYC

Ed Et Al in Singapore

Thanks, and keep letting me know any questions you may have!

Ron Rider

18 Responses to “BUY HERE!”

  1. mike sparkuhl Says:

    Hi. Happened to stumble across your web site while searching out chukka boots. Any still on sale of the calf skin?

    Would you mind refering me to your web-info regarding who makes the boots and a little about yourself?


    Mike Sparkuhl

  2. Ron Says:

    Hi Mike –

    Thanks for the note!

    yes, the calfskin chukka’s are still on sale….you can see the selection and order here:

    Information on each boot can be found around this blog under the chukka boots page.

    All of our boots are made in the Cortina factory, between Milan and Como in Northern Italy…..we are basically partners in my line, as I also work with them as an agent for the Martegani brand here in North America. Were tied at the hip, so to speak. The factory is in it’s second generation of family ownership, and has been operating since 1955….we took over the production of the Romano Martegani brand fully around 10 years ago (part production had been done by us for some years before). The factory makes numerous different constructions, numerous different ‘looks’ and is fairly small – we can finish a maximum of 100 pair per day, which is not alot. We have 15 workers, and the factory is set up in the traditional way – nothing robotic or highly mechanized, like the newer factories. We do just about all the work inside, with the typical exception of handsewing, which is done in a few living rooms around the town in the evenings! Most of our production is very classic (in the Anglo shoes sense) and our updated/stylish/fashion production is reserved for Martegani. 80% of the work for our factory is private label for many brands…some shoe, some clothing and some large retailer brands. We make good, honest shoes.

    For me, I am just a life-long shoe guy based here in Richmond, VA trying to make as many people as happy as I can :)!


  3. mark b. Says:

    hi. i have been trying to go to the francos website but to no avail. BTW, do you make regular wingtips, as oppose to boots? do you also make saddle shoe style shoes? is there any place to check out the shoes but francos?


    1. Ron Says:

      Hi Mark –

      Yes….I noticed that Franco’s site is down for some reason – is only temporary for sure. No, I am not making shoes as a stock item any longer….sticking with boots….but I can make shoes on a MTO basis. Please email to the contact address here for more info. Well, this blog has all the updates and stock available, so this is the best place at this moment – or Franco’s site when it gets back on-line.

  4. mark b. Says:

    Hi Ron,
    I was wondering if you refurbish your own shoes. If you do, how much do you charge and how long will it take?


  5. Ron Says:

    Hi Mark –

    Yes….I can do a couple of different services, but have not set prices yet. I can send to the factory for re-lasting and sole work, or have the re-soling done here with original materials. Both would probably be around $150-200 for the work.


  6. Mark Wasarab Says:

    I wear 10.5 EEE in Florsheim shoes. I love your wingtip boots. I live in Vancouver Canada, would love your boots in black, brown, cognac and burgundy if possible. Do you make them in 10.5 EEE? WHat is the process for ordering?

    THanks in advance for your time.

    1. Ron Says:

      Hi Mark –

      Thanks for the note. Well, we do custom sizing on a MTO basis, but we really would need to fit you directly for this. I do not have anything in EEE available to send for a test fit, and across the border would be difficult. Honestly, I would love to help but do not know how I could organize in the right way from such a long distance.

  7. Bob A. Says:

    Amazing information, many gives thanks to the writer. This is incomprehensive to me right now, but in general, the particular usefulness as well as significance is overwhelming. Thanks again and good luck!

  8. Can you make a 12 A in the chukka?

    1. Ron Says:

      Hi Dr. H –

      Ok, I can, but only after having a last made. Without a first-hand fitting I would simply order a standard A width last, have a fit trial made then we could see if any adjustments needed to be made befre proceeding with a boot order. the additional cost for this type of order would be $200. If this is intersting to you, please give me a call at 804-264-2994 (shop #) and we can discuss.

      Thanks for the note!


  9. Elliott PLeva Says:

    Want to purchase rider hobo chukka boot rough cut of Mohawk,
    Color: rust
    Size: 8 1/2

    Rider Boot Company will you help me.

    Thank you,
    Elliot Pleva

  10. Nick Says:

    any 7.5d in gunmetal chukka or perhaps loafer style in near future

    1. Ron Says:

      Hi Nick –

      Thanks for the note! Yes….I would suggest you make contact with JGilbert Footwear in Seattle who has all of my available Gunmetal shells on order in various boots. I believe they are planning an order of the RBCB3 chukka for stock in Gunmetal Shell, and they routinely place sizes on reservation. Yenni is the person to ask for at 206-441-1182.


  11. Alex Czimback Says:

    In your most recent line there is a boot ( plain toe with elastic side , where can I purchase this fine looking boot , size 9 M I live in the Philadelphia area please get back to me thanks

    1. Ron Says:

      Hi Alex –

      Thanks for looking in! Actually, this is from the new range being introduced for Fall 2011. I will be debuting this range for pre-orders next month at Leffot in NYC during the Trunk Show. Price for the model pictured (chelsea boot on Dainite sole in handfinished/antiqued calfskin) will be $790. If interested, please email me ( and I can provide more info.


      1. Ron Says:

        Sorry….typo above I fixed. Retail will be $790. Assuming the dollar does not have a sudden turnaround over the Summer…….

  12. Brown Says:

    where can I buy your Boots in GERMANY?
    Cost of Chukka boots in calf and cordovan?
    Is it genuine shell cordovan from Chicago( howell)?


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