Update time from Milan…..for JGilbert Footwear’s orders, we have received the Walnut Shell Cordovan from Horween and all orders have entered into production.  Some are already on the lasts, while others are awaiting lasts to free up.  We are going to try to get the stock orders mixed in with the specials and start shipping in around 2-3 weeks.  As the leather just recently arrived, and we have alot of boots to make on the same lasts at the same time, we are doing our best to manage it and the first deliveries will be a little random.  As far as the Gunmetal Shell Cordovan orders are concerned, we received only a small amount in this shipment and have put what we can into work also.  There is some confusion between Horween Chicago and Horween’s Milan warehouse regarding what was made for me, as Italy claimed 1/8th of what Chicago shipped was actually received.  Nick Horween has graciously jumped in to figure out what may have happened, and has put more Gunmetal into tanning right away in the event they cannot find the missing shells.  If the warehouse does, there will be some extra Gunmetal around!  In the meantime, we can only make so many boots at one time and the Walnut is occupying all that time right now, so a couple of weeks will not effect delivery.  We will work, as always, as fast as possible but I will not instruct anything to be rushed.  Shell Cordovan takes time to last properly and we will put boots into finishing only at the correct time to deliver the quality I expect.


Cheers –