Greetings, and thank you for visiting the Rider Boot Company!

We are a small, family owned business based in Richmond, Virginia providing classic men’s boots in unique and desirable leathers designed to be enjoyed for a lifetime.  Our (hopefully!) trademark boot will be the 3 eyelet Chukka, presented in numerous ways, including both a classic dress last and a more rounded sport last, in desirable upper materials – especially Genuine Shell Cordovan – and appropriate sole treatments.  We also look forward to presenting fantastic options in both Captoe and Wingtip boots – both mid and tall shaft.  Our goal is quality, not quantity, and a unique (if tiny) place in a market dominated by low wage manufacturing and high cost advertising.  ‘Rider’ boots are produced by Calzaturificio Cortina in Northern Italy, and our leathers are sourced from tanneries in the United States, Italy and France.  All boots are detailed with double, triple or Sestrere rubber soles, as well as Tirolese (or Storm) welts on certain models.  Durability is always the goal, while choosing lasts that are neither too clunky or too sharp. 

Thank you for viewing our first collection, and please contact me for any further information regarding our boots!


Ron Rider

June, 2008

12 Responses to “Welcome!”

  1. michael silvers Says:

    I am interested in both the martegani line and the rider boots. Please advise as to the different lasts and fittings. I wear a71/2-8 D in eg but need to use a leather sockliner which they cut for me. I would appreciate your thoughts . Thank you for your time. I have enjoyed your posts and all those of your many boosters. michael silvers

  2. Ron Says:

    Hi Michael – thanks for the comment!

    Wow, broad question……for Martegani, it is extremely difficult to give a general commentary on lasts since we have around 60 in regular use. However, for the North American market, I generally use 3B, 75 and 7Y.

    3B – our most popular last (Lucca2 and Pisa are more than 50% of our overall business) is almost a boot cut last – high instep, elongated toe box that is slightly squared off – and generally fits 1/2 size larger than the typical ‘American’ fit/size.

    75 – an increasingly popular last (thanks to the sales/special orders of Siena) that would be sized 1/2 lower than 3B, if you start with that, or right on a typical US size. Still a little stretched in the toe, but that’s pretty much the Martegani style I show here.

    7Y – A nice chisel toed last that can fit a little snug for wide feet, and I have heard stores saying they sometimes actually fit 1/2 size up, but experience in the shops in Richmond say it is sized same as 75 – start with the scale size, in other words.

    For Rider Boot Co. lasts, I use the more classic lasts found in Cortina’s library – 4A, 42 and 95.

    4A – My favorite last for a classic ‘American’ toe…..I probably like it so much because it reminds me of one of the Johnston & Murphy lasts when they really knew how to build a line…..the old Aristicraft shoes ‘Woods’, ‘LaSalle and ‘*****’ (forget the name of a captoe)….kind of a shark nosed last with a higher wall that comes off updated, but not boring. Fit is right off the Brannock, generally.

    42 – A rounder toed last with a slightly higher instep measure and a bit of a toe bump. This last works equally well with heavy patterns (wingtips that are perfed and pinked) and wholecuts/plaintoe’s. It holds a heavy sole detail particularly well, and fits pretty ‘normal’…..maybe a D+ depending on your instep.

    95 – Is a very round toed last, a little shorter than 42, and with more volume. You should fit this last the same as 42, but the boot will fit more close….not as much toe room, in other words. A nice, heavy, casual last, IMO. For me, it is just for this Chukka Boot, but the factory has made classic shoes on it.

    Hope that helps –


  3. michael silvers Says:

    Thank you for the time and effort in crafting your response,especially on a day when you should have been able to get away from us(your boosters -include me in) I ordered a pair of whole cuts from Mark at Franco’s in a 42 last. He was extremely helpful and kind. Thank you once again. Regards,m.silvers

  4. Daniel Says:

    Dear Ron,

    being quite impressed by the selection of wonderful boots, I am wondering whether it would be possible for you to send a pair of balmorals to Germany, where I live. If it is possible, I would be grateful if you could let me know haw such a transaction would be carried out.



  5. Ike Zach Says:


    Regarding the Natural Shell Cordovan, are you planning to create additional lasts with this color. BTW, can anyone order special design. I’m basing my question on the classical 2 eyelets in natural shell. what is the cost associate with the orders?

  6. […] may sound crazy, but Ron Rider who manufactures beautiful chukka boots in Italy, selectively will do antiquing work on bench made […]

  7. mark b. Says:

    hi. do you offer recrafting/reconditioning? if yes, how much?

  8. gregg Says:

    Do you have a web-site of all your offerings. I am most interested in your hand sewn moc’s from Maine – all colors. tkx

    Please to my e-mail direct, thx

  9. Vladimir Says:

    What last is used for Reggio?

    1. Ron Says:

      Hi Vladimir –

      Last 7Y was used for the Reggio.


  10. This is one awesome blog article.Much thanks again. Great.

  11. John Calhoun Says:

    Do you guys have a number were i can reach you at? My number is 817-721-1149 call my I want a pear of bootys made.

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