August 2008

A really nice Balmoral Captoe in #6 Shell Cordovan with Natural Inking:


A boot without the shaft 🙂

Classic Longwing Derby in #8 Scotch Grain Shell Cordovan with Storm Welt and heavy sole:


2 Years in the making……much too long, for sure, but now that we have the pattern, I like this enough that I might have the pattern developed for sizes and put this on the hit list:


A 2-eyelet Plaintoe derby in Antiqued Whiskey Shell Cordovan:


Finally, a Captoe Derby with slightly larger Perfs and metal eyelets in, well, we’ll call it ‘Antique Bordo’.  Notice the interesting topline:


Not a bad day……till next time –



Fish & Wildlife discovered that these were neither Fish nor Wild, so now they are available for your feet…at least next week when Franco’s gets the paperwork done and these 2 runs out to the Short Pump location.

RSPS1 in Brown Shell Cordovan with Scotch Grain Calfskin trim:


RBCB1 in Black Shell Cordovan with Sestrere Sole & Heel:



We are on vacation, sort of, until September 3rd.  This week we are in town to, hopefully, receive the pending shipment but we will be traveling next week.

Shipment arrived in Customs last week, but still waiting for everything to clear Fish & Wildlife.  Hopefully this week.



Confirmed today that the Chukka Boot on 4A RBCB1 in Black Shell Cordovan has shipped, as well as the new pennystrap RBPS1in Brown Shell Cordovan with Scotch Grain trim.  For those with requests in for these items, I will be in contact directly next week after I get the expected delivery from Customs.




Taking a cue from the 1964 British Walkers Catalogue (a classic collection of USA patterns), I have added this model to the second Collection……

Venetian in #6 Shell Cordovan with Double Leather Sole: