Romano Martegani

Been underground…..finishing up all the details for the Martegani Fall stock work ahead of the shows starting this month.  I’ve come up with, what I think, is a very nice program and new issues’ for Fall 2010.

The main change in the line going forward is the use – throughout the Collection – of ‘Iron’ calfskin uppers.  Those clients of mine who have ordered direct over the years will be familiar with this leather as I have ‘pushed’ it on MTO shoes for many years now.  We were using this leather for ‘special’ shoes long before the term ‘Crust’ became part of many high-end shoe customers’ lingo and understanding.  We start out with a full grain calf from France (Tannery Annonay), only tanned, and hand apply the aniline and antiquing inside of our factory in Giussano.  The finish is simply beautiful and, without the over-glossing that so many are doing at this time, provides a unique and elegant appearance with subtle antiquing throughout.  We are even doing our Black in this way….’Antique Black’ I am calling it.  You’ll also notice that I have keyed in on very simple, versatile, clean patterns for the Collection – all the more to show off the hand-finishing and offer versatility for your wardrobe.

The next new range I am adding here in the States is the ’43 Last’ group.  43 last is a re-make of a last that was very popular for the factory in the late 70’s, early 80’s and we remade with a higher instep and better lines than the original.  Tweaked it a bit, basically.  What we really did that I am most pleased with is develop the outsole so that we could trim it more closely to the lines of the last/upper.  43 last calls for an elegant trim – and we nailed it I think.

Finally, I have FINALLY added a Bit pattern to our stock offerings here….long time coming, and I waited for the Lama to be available to go ahead with this shoe.  In my opinion, the long lines of 7D last and the soft textured grain of Lama Calf makes this another versatile addition to anyones shoe wardrobe.

You might say I’m a little familiar with the production and offerings of most Italians on the market – and I am fully aware of some of the more ‘advertised’ brands and what they put into their shoes – and I really believe that you can compare the new Martegani Collection for Fall with ANY other shoe out there in the $800 – $1200 range and you will find VALUE in our $650 shoes.

We are working hard throughout the Summer to get them on the best retailers shelves around the country for Fall….if you like what you see please feel free to jump into your local shop and ask for ‘Romano Martegani’ shoes! 


Spring ’10 is a bit of a transitional season for us here…..we are working on a new range for Fall 2010.  Some of the first stock shoes will be:


We will be fine-tuning the new offerings up until the July Shows, but we are bringing out a new last (pictured above) and a new sole treatment (closer trimmed) – most importantly we are moving our main production into Handfinished Crust Calf uppers.  Top shelf finishing all done inside of our factory in Giussano, Italy.  First samples are outstanding!

The first selection of early Fall shoes will be going to/available on Endless/Amazon by the end of the month.