September 2010

Started working up my style, leather, and color details for Spring 2011 this week……Chromexcel will again be a good part of what I end up making.  I want something new – but not crazy/stupid new – and have put these swatches into the process:

The un-marked swatch is ‘Natural Beaufort Chromexcel’, and I like that alot.  The others are ‘Aniline Chromexcel’ & I’m weighing the Chicago Tan against the #25 at this point.  Lapis Blue I’ve already decided is a go.

Also, took a decent picture of the new ‘Walnut’ shell cordovan from Horween.  This color is going on 2 boots headed to JGilbert Footwear as soon as we can get them done and in the air.  We expected to have these on the market by now, but the shells got tied up in Customs in Italy during the August Holiday period, so we are still working on them in the factory.  Won’t be long – and I think worth the wait; it’s a great new color.  Thanks to Nick Horween for helping get this one put together.  Cheers –

Posting a reminder…..coming up on the Fall 2010 Trunk Show at Leffot, which will be October 1st from 12 – 7 and October 2nd from 10-3.  Please join Steven Taffel and I as we accept MTO boot requests as well as show off ‘Range #1’ of the RB handsewns I’ve been working up with Mike and Kyle Rancourt in Lewiston, Maine.

Some random grabs:

We look forward to seeing you there and, as usual, if there are any special requests in advance (or to set an appointment), please let myself or Steven know.  Happy to help and set something up pre-show.  Thanks!


Next up for grabs will be the Fall version of RBHS4….aka the ‘Maine Driver’.  Spring version was (we sold thru quickly….but do have a 9 and a 13 available) unlined but I am releasing the Fall version with a full calf lining.  All other details the same:

-#8 Chromexcel Uppers from Horween Leather

-100% Handsewn in Maine

-Camp Sole

-available in whole sizes only….if you are a half size, please move to the next whole size up

Retail price is $250 and there will be 36 pair available.  Sizes 8-13.  Delivery mid-October.

-Reservations accepted (the original sold thru 90% in 10 days!) by emailing me at

Thank You!

Getting ready to fly is RBCB10 in Repello Baltic (Navy) Suede.  Been waiting for this number for a bit now and I get the first pair!  Fantastic with denim, the RBCB10 features highly water-resistent ‘Repello’ sueded uppers from CF Stead in the UK.  As with the existing versions of this chukka (Cola and Polo Brown), I am building this on a crepe sole but here using a natural leather midsole.  You also might note the red stitching.  Cool boot:

Built on 42 last, this chukka fits great….classic round toe with a slight ‘bump’, good room over the instep – one of the better fitters over years here.  RBCB10 in Navy will be initially available in a limited run of sizes and pairs – 8 pair total, sizes 8 1/2 to 11.  Price will be $550 and should be available by October 1.

If you would like to reserve a pair, please send a note to me at:

and I will be happy to obloge.



What a great month for our Saphir Medaille D’Or sales…thanks all!  Glad the product has been so well received.

Our next shipment is leaving France next week, and I have added some new products to the stock range for the US.  We will now have available:

Pate de Luxe new colors Bordo and Cognac

Pommadier new colors Bordo, Hermes Red and Grey

Lotion Medaille d’Or in 100ml. bottles…..a lighter weight version of Renovateur which is great for leather furniture, car interiors and clothing in addition to shoes

Renovateur for suede (a tinted spray) available in Black, Neutral, Dark Brown, Middle Brown and Navy

Super Gommadin…a rubber suede and nubuck cleaning brick

Super Inulver….a protector and water-proofer for suede, nubuck and textiles (non-silicone)

Dubbin in 100ml. tins, which is perfect for chromexcel and pull-up leathers

I hope to have the new products, along with re-fills of the existing line, in Richmond before the end of September.

Stay tuned –