Captoe Boots

Less subtle…..


Todays entry to the stock line is RBBAL4.

We have taken the success of the RBBAL1 and made a version with a shorter shaft, on a more traditional American toed last (46) and added the medallion.  Uppers are calfskin from Tannerie d’Annonay in France and is built on our typical Rapid construction (leather sole).


Available Here


Have found a little time to plan Spring deliveries/stock items, and one on the hit list is this MTO from a year or so ago that really deserves some investment……so, coming late Spring will be:

RBBAL3 will be realized in Shell Cordovan (maybe a good play for the new ‘Gunmetal’ color?) and the RBBAL4 will be the same boot in calfskin.  I like the medallion, but I have done this boot w/o in the past…..have to think………..


has arrived……RBBAL2 is our Balmoral Captoe Boot in Calfskin (RBBAL1 is in Shell Cordovan) and will be available this coming week in a nice middle brown.  Built on 3B last and a double leather sole this boot sure gets attention.

Better pics will follow Monday, and will be available on Franco’s website at $725.  As usual, sizes are limited.  Feel free to give me a call at the shop for any further questions (804-264-2994).