October 2009

in stock…..found enough to make 7 pair.  Should be available next week:

I did request one change…..I asked that the pattern include 9 eyelets, instead of the previous 5 + 4 pattern.  Six in one, half dozen the other to me, but some clients have asked for full eyelets, so I thought I would try it out and see what the reaction is.



We are getting our deliveries of both new and fill-in stock boots next week.  I will be working with clients at  Leffot on Thursday the 5th in NYC and getting everything organized as soon as I return here after.  And this blog is due for a big re-do…..will be working on it next weekend so you can see better what we have on-hand and coming.


Next up is a cool Chelsea boot in Kudu Waxy with a Vibram Lug sole and heavy-duty welting.  The anti-Beatle boot.




RBCH1 will be available in the pictured ‘Gaucho’ color, as well as ‘Flint’, which is basically a charcoal color, for $595.


Next up is RBCB6, which is a new 2 eyelet chukka boot with Stitchdown (leather is folded out over the midsole and stitched with the Rapid stitcher) done in Mohawk roughout uppers on a Sestriere sole and heel.  Strong boot…..


RBCB6 will be available at Franco’s in Richmond and Capra & Cavelli in Austin for $595.

Finally getting my head around everything here…..been on the road, catching up, other obligations on a personal side, etc.  Coming for Fall ’09 we have here RBHB1, which has been shown a few times, and generated a good amount of interest so far.

This 4 eyelet boot features ‘Mohawk’ roughout uppers with Dark Brown calfskin on the heel counter.  Built on Sestriere outsoles we have included some handstitched details across seams on the upper as well as a padded collar. 

Retail price will be $595.oo and will be available in NYC at Leffot, in Denver at Andrisen-Morton and in Richmond at Franco’s.  The first delivery of 32 pair is expected here in around 3 weeks.