May 2010

Thanks for the entree!  We start work on your order immediately….

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Call us for details –

RBHB3 in Horween’s Chromexcel on Crepe sole heading to JGilbert Footwear in Seattle this week.  And finalizing the details on the Fall group that includes the Hobo done in a brand new Tuscan Reverse Calf and…Walnut Shell Cordovan on 2 boots – can’t wait till Fall.

RBHS6 is the first handsewn Chukka we will be doing with Rancourt & Co. in Lewiston.  Going for Repello Suede (in Milkshake, Loden, Navy, Bitter Chocolate and maybe Snuff) on a Crepe Sole.

Stay tuned –

Still the Hobo:

Look for a moc version in Fall that I’ve started working on in Maine.


Chromexcel® « Horween Leather Co..

Nice write-up, Nick.

Now you know…..

I found a great doorway and wanted to post some additional pics to Steven’s blog (Leffot) of the Un-lined Shell Cordovan Venetian that Steven Taffel detailed for Rancourt & Co. and I to work on for his shop. 

Also, some additional notes.

To handsew an un-lined Shell Cordovan loafer like this takes a great deal of time and talent – and commitment….not so simple.  The stitching process on these mocs requires about 70% MORE time than the same shoe would in calfskin; for the simple reason that the plug (top portion of the moc) has to be tacked along the entire stitchline while handsewing the moc seam.  A second unique feature of this particular model is that it IS a ‘True Moc’  – meaning the footbed IS Shell Cordovan.  It would be tempting to take such an expensive material and save some costs by eliminating this correct method and simply cutting away and ‘hide’ the footbed by slipping an insole into the moc.  We are not taking  these kinds of shortcuts.  This is a pure shoe.

Stay tuned…..details coming as we start to make these available:

Leffot Blog.

And thanks to the great folks at Rancourt & Co. Shoecrafters in Lewiston for making this happen!

Working in the factory yesterday, and seeing the Dk Cognac (the Natural was finished first and I have those with me….will be available today) in stitching, really showed the extra work that goes into doing a handsewn moc in Shell Cordovan.  The stitching time takes roughly 70% longer when working with Shell than Calfskin, and Ronny (pictured) has dedicated his days recently to strictly working on Steven’s order.  Shell Cordovan is a great leather – but also requires great patience and long experience to handsew accurately and with a good result.  This was a good result.  Thanks Man!  Guiness on me next visit –


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Really, if we can realize some stabilization under 1.3, you may very well start to see some price decrease here.

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