…..figure it’s a good time to show how to recondition a pair after a LONG 6 months of hard wear.

Nicely broken in:

First step, after getting out the laces, is a quick brushing:


Now it’s time for a bath……using Saphir RenoMat, which is a very nice cleaner and easy to use:


Then a quick, light brushing (I like the palm size brushes, not shoe brushes, for this):

Now I brush on a bead of clear Dubbin (Saphir HP in this case) over the neutral stitching, which will protect them from the color to come:


Now the secret weapon…..Saphir’s Sport Wax in the Black:

Now, just more light buffing with the horsehair brush followed by some rag work, a light coat of NeatsFoot Oil, a little more brushing and ready for another 6 months: