Started working up my style, leather, and color details for Spring 2011 this week……Chromexcel will again be a good part of what I end up making.  I want something new – but not crazy/stupid new – and have put these swatches into the process:

The un-marked swatch is ‘Natural Beaufort Chromexcel’, and I like that alot.  The others are ‘Aniline Chromexcel’ & I’m weighing the Chicago Tan against the #25 at this point.  Lapis Blue I’ve already decided is a go.

Also, took a decent picture of the new ‘Walnut’ shell cordovan from Horween.  This color is going on 2 boots headed to JGilbert Footwear as soon as we can get them done and in the air.  We expected to have these on the market by now, but the shells got tied up in Customs in Italy during the August Holiday period, so we are still working on them in the factory.  Won’t be long – and I think worth the wait; it’s a great new color.  Thanks to Nick Horween for helping get this one put together.  Cheers –