There has been alot of talk recently about the re-issue of ‘Take Ivy’, and I get it.  I never really knew the original (I’m a Catholic School boy from Baltimore…I thought prep style and various takes on same were just ingrained in us from birth – sort of like Confession) but have looked with great interest at all the, well, interest.  My own guidebooks, however, are old Line catalogues from long gone – and generally forgotten – men’s shoe companies.  My real prize is a Fall 1964 book from E. E. Taylor.  You may know them….if not the British Walkers line then the Cole Haan line for sure.

Here is 100% pure American style at it’s best:

Take a close look.  This book would be as relevent today as (I assume) it was in 1964.  Just outstanding.


ps – there is a further story on these pages if you want to look for it – something about how the marketing guys get ahold of a brand and sell it out.  You find it.