Doing everything possible to avoid the depressing NJ Turnpike ride into the City, Lisa and I took the roundabout I95/I83/I78 route from Richmond – NYC last week.  One of the (few) percs of spending countless hours behind the wheel, looking for open-minded merchants willing to give new lines a shot to the buying public, is the chance to visit local merchants of all sorts of goods.  We couldn’t resist the sign on 78 directing us to ‘Dietrich’s Meats & Country Store’ – and Lisa doesn’t eat meat.  We found a fantastic old world deli and butcher….offerings not seen by these eyes in many a year….and a half dozen ‘Baka’s’ who kindly offered to make us sandwiches to order – even though sandwiches are NOT on the menu.  Perfect:

I suppose this is a hopin’ place…certainly big enough to show the’ve been around a long time – but it was new to me.  And I can’t wait to stop by again.