Opinions on Allen Edmonds CEO Justification for Non-US Boat Shoe Manufacturing.

Interesting commentary.  Suffice it to say, we’ve taken the opposite approach.  I like Maine, and am very happy to be able to work with the folks at Rancourt & Co. in Lewiston.  Does it cost more to do a true-moc handsewn in the USA?  Of course.  Is it worth it?  You decide.


ps – anyone that thinks a brand moving production out of this country isn’t all about margin, well, you know what they say; ‘I’ve got a bridge……’.

ps2 – I am NOT doing a boat shoe.  Quoddy does a great range of ’em.  I am, however, going to be rolling out some very classic handsewn loafers throughout the summer and into Fall 2010.