Welcome to Spring!  Well, almost anyway.  Here is the first Spring Edition model coming on-line in around 6 weeks.  RBCB10 is our interpretation of a classic – a 2 eyelet chukka boot on a crepe sole.  We put our little spin on the production, however.  Instead of the typical thin crepe outsole, the Riderboot versions comes in at a solid 1/2″ sole – 1/4″ outsole + 1/8″ crepe secondary layer + 1/8″ full leather midsole.  Strong boot.  The real interesting detail here is that we do NOT attach the outsole directly to the welt/midsole…..we take the 1/8″ layer of crepe and stitch it on the Rapid Stitcher then glue the 1/4″ crepe outsole to the crepe midsole which makes for a much stronger bond.  This will eliminate the not-unusual seperating at the toe situation that many boots like this have occur.  As usual, built here with full calfskin linings and in virtually waterproof ‘Cape Butt’ suede (very tight nap) from Stead, the RBCB10 is on the 42 last and will be available in ‘Polo Brown’ and ‘Cola’.  Swatch colors should be available in the next day or two.

RBCB10 will retail for $550 and I am happy to take pre-orders….please send a mail to riderboot@comcast.net or give me a call at the shop (804-264-2994) for more info.