Inside Franco’s Fine Clothier, we are running our end-of-season clearance sales……everything is set up at the Lakeside Ave. location and merch is jammed into the rotunda and the first room (for those familiar with our store).  All the guys, incuding me :), are around, so come on in and check out the discounts!

As always, a fair amount of shoes are on the tables, and it looks like we will be adding some during the week.  Of note would be the Romano Martegani Radica calf shoes, as we received word yesterday that this leather has gotten too difficult to source and the factory will not make-up items in this leather going forward – unless someone wants to order 250 pair per colorway at a time.  Basically, discontinued.  So, for those waiting to get a Lucca2, a Paolo or a pair of Pisa – now is the time!

As always, feel free to let me know if I can help!