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1. Kyle Says:

November 19, 2009 at 1:01 pm e
I just received my first pair of Rider Boots. I purchased the Brandy Plain Toe from Leffot after much conversation with Ron. I had just recently purchased the Alden Plain Toe with crepe sole (on the barrie last) from Leather Soul. It was a great shoe. Unfortunately, only about a week after, I saw these boots and began obsessing over them! Finally pulled the trigger and received them yesterday.

First, they are more beautiful in person than the photos (and with some of the extraordinary camera work these days, that is not always the case). But the best part is the fit. If you are an Alden fan, you will like these better — at least in my opinion. Here is why:

I have 3 pair of Indy Boots. For a true work boot and simple knock around boots, these are hard to beat. The trubalance last is great. True fitting in the toe box and comfortable (and why not, they are work boots!) The barrie last for boots looks much sleeker than the Indy, however, this last is much narrower in the toe box. Although a nice looking last, it simply is not as comfortable as the trubalance. The last used on the rider boots is a tweener. Has a toe box almost as wide as the trubalance, yet maintains the sleek shape you see in these photos. In short, these boots have a dressier appearance and yet fit like a glove. This last is the perfect boot last!

I am sure this is all in my head because the boots look so incredible and fit so great, but these cordovan boots felt broken in the second I put them on. Almost soft! I know this because, when the boots arrived, I never took the time to inspect them, I just put them on (even though I was wearing a suit). I cannot rate these highly enough. By the way, I never intended to wear these boots with a suit — I was just too immature yesterday not to wear them when they came in. Then I forgot I was wearing them and went to an out of office meeting with one of our U.S. Congressional candidates. There were 6 in the meeting. I received 6 compliments on the boots and specifically the look of the boot with the suit. I am sure this is not true fashion — but I live in the south. Think I’ll try this combo again and again.

Ron, thank you for a great boot, always answering all of my questions, and your great service. Here’s looking forward to the next Rider PT in Natural shell cordovan!