Now that we are at the traditional end to the Fall selling season, we have been looking at the results, feedback, comments and, mainly, orders from our first season.  For a new brand tip-toeing into the market we are very pleased, and wish to thank everyone for their support and kind comments!  We are thrilled with the positive feedback, additional orders and overall potential of what we are starting. 

We have made some mistakes, however.  In hindsight, it would have been much wiser for us to have consolidated our supply of Shell Cordovan towards filling in sold quantities of both chukka boots and not detailed the pennystraps and split-toe derby’s.  The results there have been, while ok, not nearly what we have missed in fulfilling requests for more chukka boots.  We started from a certain idea and I got away from that abit based on some other things I like, and thought would have a small place in the market – I should have stayed with the original plan!

Never ones to dwell on things, we are simply going to go forward with a big sign on the wall saying ‘make more boots!’   Honestly, we assumed the first season would be ok and, more importantly, identify if we had a chance to grow a business and alter our plan from there.  Turns out the small plan was just fine and I’ll stick with, and expand on, that going forward.

Based on this information, we are discontinuing the Pennystraps and have placed a promotional price on them via Franco’s Fine Clothier’s website.  Please check out the ‘Pennystraps’ page here for links on where you can grab these loafers at a very nice price.  They really are a very nice product, just not what we will concentrate our investment on in the future.  Also, the Scotch Grain Shell Cordovan Chukka Boots and the Wingtip Boot in the Scotch Grain will continue on sale until the supply is gone.  As always, please feel free to contact me with any questions regarding fit, style…whatever, thru the contact page here.


1) Chelsea Boots +++++++

2) More Chukka Boot Options

3) More Lasts/Fits

4) Captoe Boots

5) More leathers – Roughout, Waterproof Suede, Roana (waxy calf), Pull-Up, #6 Shell Cordovan, Natural SC, Whiskey SC  and some more, hopefully, after I return from Italy middle of March.

6) Special Order Program – formalized/organized

7) ‘Niche’ Boots…..some things off-the-beaten-path, so to speak.


Lasted Sample F/09

Lasted Sample F/09












8) We have something else in the works regarding Classic Shoes, so we’ll probably leave the shoe patterns for that work.

Ok, all for now……thank you once again and, please – KEEP THOSE PHONE CALLS AND EMAILS COMING!

Ron Rider