Sorry for the week off here…..been very busy – thankfully!

4 or 5 specials left Italy this morning….should have end of next week or early the week after.

Finally took a snap of the Dark Cognac Shell Cordovan, which is more a Brown tone than a Cognac tone – but it looks good.

Dark Cognac Shell Cordovan Cutting

Dark Cognac Shell Cordovan Cutting














 The Balmoral Boot and the Spit-toe Derby are being made in this as I write.  Some are finished, but I must wait until I have a larger shipment ready, so they are expected to leave the factory middle November and arrive here right around Thanksgiving.  Good timing, I think.


I get alot of requests for Whiskey Shell Specials, and I would like to accept each one – however, I was advised by Horweens’ agent that they were delivering enough Whiskey for 3 specials recently……in fact, what arrived after we unwrapped the package was Brandy.  After we called and screamed (I had confirmed 2 specials and reserved 1) they apologized, explained the packing slip from USA was incorrect, and there was nothing they could do…..well, things happen.  We were able to get enough of this color from another factory near-by to make one of the specials, but the other we just couldn’t get enough to make.  We tried, but the pattern required too much material – I will call today to discuss.  For the immediate future –


I have a standing order for 50 shells, and I will advise here when we receive it in…..maybe in one month – maybe in one year, we’ll just have to wait until it can be made.

In the meantime, I liked the Brandy…’s darker (it seems to me) than previous years.  So, we now have this color and am deciding what to do.  It’s not Whiskey, but it’s nice on it’s own.  Here is a rough pic:

Brandy Shell Cordovan Cutting

Brandy Shell Cordovan Cutting












I will decide what to do with this color soon enough.


Thanks Again!