As a note for the future, lasted shoe trees (in cedar) are available upon request for the Balmoral Boot….price is $95.  Please email, or comment, interest in this so I can decide if a further investment is reasonable.

Finally, I have worked with Saphir/Avel and they are now producing a cream designed for Shell Cordovan.  The first 3 colors available are Bordo, Black and a Neutral, and I have asked them about developing the brown tones, and was confirmed that this is ‘in the lab’.  Franco’s Fine Clothier has shipped alot of Medaille d’Or products, and was getting low, so they asked about putting together an order to replace and expand the offerings.  I added some new products, and am excited to see the response to the beautiful Holiday Gift Box that Saphir does!  As many know, I have a very good relationship with the owner of Avel, so I went ahead and placed an order that should supply them for about a year.  You should be able to access this, as well as the Shell Cordovan Cream, in about a month – or less.  I negotiated free shipping, so, of course, Avel put the goods on a boat.  Not sure exactly how fast the boats float, but it ain’t a plane.  No worries, the shelves will be stocked soon enough.


I’ve been helping them abit with the website, and hopefully will get it much more manageable soon…just trying to get everything done is some challenge.  I know I need to get some links here so it’s easier to order, but please email me and I can handle any request directly until the on-line ordering is actually professional.  I’m doing my best with some other issues going on as well, and I appreciate all the support and positive response to this venture!  As you can see by the continual additions, things are going much better than even I had hoped.

Of course, I just paid for almost $20,000 worth of Shell Cordovan, SO BUY MORE BOOTS!